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Hypnosis Self Help - Do You Get Your Buttons Pushed

A couple months ago, I had my buttons pushed by a person who I would consider to be an aggressive, assertive person.  She continuously stretched my boundaries, and at first I would accommodate her requests because I felt it was important to learn not to be strict in my rules.  But after repeated and numerous instances of stepping over my boundaries, I found myself reacting with resentment, frustration and even anger.  I truly did not like my responses.  I would say to myself, “ I know this is the way this person acts and it has nothing to do with me”.  Of course, that is my conscious response.  But my subsconscious mind was resentful and angry, and felt very abused and disrespected.  I talked to a lot of my friends and they would all agree that my response was natural, but I felt that since I am a hypnotist, I need a process to help me, especially since I have seen this reaction many times in my lifetime.  It was time to change.

The next time you get your buttons pushed and you find yourself fixated on a negative experience, in the middle of a self attack, or ruminating about something that's upset you, try this. Take out four pieces of paper and put one of the following four sentences on the top of each sheet:

1. I know I'm acting in alignment with my Highest Self when I...

2. The things that knock me out of alignment are...

3. When I'm out of alignment, the behaviors I engage in are...

4. The best actions for me to take to get back in line with my Highest Self are...

Once you have each sentence listed on a separate piece of paper, set aside twenty minutes to do a "mind dump" for each category. List lots of examples for each one. What do you do when you're at your best? How do you think? What actions do you take? What kinds of situations knock you off track? And then, what habits or behaviors do you engage in that keep you off track and feeling stuck? Finally, what do you do that helps you to re-center so you can get back in alignment with your Highest Self?  

Let yourself go, write down whatever thoughts or ideas come to mind, and when you're done, I'm sure you'll learn something valuable about yourself. I know I did. 

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