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Hypnosis Self Help - Ups and Downs of Emotions

Life is interesting!  The ups and the downs, the good and the bad, and it is all about perception.  Emotions are thoughts, thoughts are perceptions and perceptions can be changed.  When you put emotions on a scale, we have joy/elation on one end and depression on the other.  Our intent in life should be to stay in joy/elation but we usually are somewhere else on that scale.  Hopeful, curious, helpless, lonely, fearful. When working with your current emotion, you should always be moving up the scale towards joy.  In other words, say you are fearful, to move up would be to go to helpless.  Then you move from helpless to curious.  Move from curious to hopeful...and on and on.  To say you can’t move from depression to joy would be correct, as you must move through the scale, but it can take only minutes.

For instance, you may dislike someone very much and in a conversation you begin badly speaking about this person, feeling the dislike.  The other person may respond by telling you that the person is seriously ill.  Your response may immediately change to compassion or at least a lessening of the dislike, feeling what it would be like for you to be seriously ill.

During this last month, I have used four tools.  One has been to visualize my scale and where my emotion is on that scale and what was the next emotion to experience.  The second tool is what I call “Switch Words”.  I listen to my self talk and if I have negative feedback, I use my switch word “Compassion”.  I will then take a moment to talk positive to myself.  The fourth tool is what I call my “Switchboard”.  Remember the old switchboard with the wires and plugs (Lily Tomlin did a great impression of a switchboard operator).  Anyway, I would visualize unplugging the wires to any negative emotion and plug in the wires to the positive emotions.  The fourth tool, I would picture myself on an inner tube of a river.  I would ask, “am I trying to move upstream or am I floating downstream”.  The goal is always to move with the flow.

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