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Hypnosis Self Help - Focus On Your Goals

You’ve heard it countless times before “what you think, you create”.  What are you thinking about?  What are the thoughts that are the most prominent in your mind?  Which thoughts occupy your mind most of the time?

What would happen if you decided to be aware of your thoughts for the next 24 hours and really started to think about what you are thinking about?  What would you discover about yourself?  Would you find yourself only thinking about the things that you desire and imagining living the life that you truly want?  Or, would you have thoughts that are in direct opposition to your goals?  Maybe that goal opposing thought was only for a fleeting moment.  But, are you thinking about why you can’t have what it is that you deeply desire?   

If you are like most people, you likely do have these so-called negative thoughts.  It’s natural.  It’s a great challenge to think about abundance when you are experiencing lack.  But these negative thoughts, also known as poison, they kill dreams.  In some cases these poisonous thoughts can be deadly and will extinguish your goals just as quickly as pouring a large bucket of water onto a small fire.

To combat these poisonous thoughts you can train yourself to have creative and progressive thoughts rather than opposing thoughts.  

It can be very challenging to stay focused on a goal, especially if your goal is to have something that you have never had before.  As an example, perhaps your goal is to increase your financial position.  You are focused on improving your financial position and have set a specific purposeful goal but the bills keep pouring in.  Or, you go to the bank machine and withdraw money and realize a disappointing balance.  Or, you get your tax bill or an unexpected bill and it shocks you.  Any or all of these things can cause negative thoughts to creep back into your mind and distinguish your dream.

Whatever the goal is, you must stay focused on what you WANT, and give NO energy to what you don’t want.  How do you do that when you have all of these reminders around you that keep shifting your focus back to a state of lack?

Answer:  With a simple technique designed to focus your thinking.   

Here’s a powerful goal focused technique:  Write out a goal statement in your handwriting clearly describing what you want.  Select one goal.  Be clear on what you want.  Write this goal in the present tense, using emotionally charged words and ensure your goal is written with positive words.   

Once you have this goal statement written, and you are happy with it, write it out 3 times a day 20 times each.  Yes, you will be writing your one goal statement 60 times each and every day.  That’s it!  Write your goal 20 times in the morning, 20 times again mid day and 20 times before you go to bed.

Keep in mind this is a new discipline. Don’t start small and work your way up.  Do it 20 times the first time, 20 times the next time and keep writing out your goal statement 20 times each time.  You can do it.

Here’s what will happen.  Your focus will be intensified and it will happen on the first day that you do this exercise.  Your focus will be consistent if you are following my suggestion.  As you write your goal statement, you’ll find ideas will start pouring into your mind.  You’ll be amazed at how many ideas start to come to you.  Also, your level of motivation will remain high, even when you don’t feel motivated or may be experiencing discouragement.  This works!  If you are serious about your goal do this.   

You may ask: “How long do I need to write out my goal statement 60 times every day?”  My answer to you is this:  “Keep doing it until you reach your goal.”  If you are serious about your goal, keep doing this exercise.  You will achieve your goal!   

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