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Hypnosis Self Help - Being in Alignment With Our Goals

We have big goals and we have small goals.  Small goals are the things we can accomplish in an hour, a day, or in a couple months, I like to call them projects.  But our big goals can be our dreams, our aspirations.  It is important to be in alignment with our small goals but that is not a requirement. Believe me, I will never be in alignment with house cleaning.  But as far as our dreams, our aspirations, it is a must to be in alignment.  So lets look at these big goals.  

Make a list of all of your unfulfilled goals/dreams/aspirations.  They cannot be anything that another person thinks you should be doing (thank your family and friends for their input, but this is your list).

Now take each goal, and ask yourself: From 1-10 (1 being not so important, to 10 being highest of importance), how passionate are you about this goal. You can have several 10's, several 5's, or a couple 1's.  You are not numbering them as goal number 5 is more important than goal number 2. Looking at each individually, how passionate are you?

Next step, take each goal and ask yourself: From 1-10, how much is this goal a part of your purpose in life?  Again, take each goal individually and rate them. Now, take each goal and ask yourself: From 1-10, how does this goal represent your authentic expression.  Take each goal and rate them individually.

Last step, each goal has a set of 3 numbers, multiply each set, ie, goal number 1: 10 x 10 x 10 = 1000.  Goal number 2, 5 x 10 x 2 = 100.  The goal with the highest final total is the goal that you are most in alignment to.

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