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Hypnosis Self Help - My GPS

We all have our own GPS (Global Positioning System).  How often have you followed your intuition to leave a little later for work, only to find that you have just missed a multiple car accident.  Or turn down a specific aisle to find the perfect parking space at the mall.  Or followed your intuition that maybe a specific person would make a good friend or enemy.  Whether it is your intuition, or higher self, or guidance from God or the Universe, we all have this ability.  

I have a GPS in my car, and after I have placed the address in the system, I will follow the directions to my end goal.  Sometimes I may be driving along and the traffic is backed up.  The GPS will then find an alternative route for me.  Or if I miss an turn, the GPS will tell me to make a “U-turn”.  But sometimes I may think I know a better way to go, and I will hear “Recalculating”.

Now, I have specific goals in my life, and do hope that I am being guided in the right direction to those goals.  That people will be placed in my path, information be given to me, or doors opened for my success to happen easily and quickly.  But as with all life, sometimes there are road blocks, and I have a choice to stay on the same road and wait, or find an alternative route.  More often than not, I will think I know the best path to take to my goals, ignoring all the signals I am receiving.  I can only imagine my Guidance System is saying with a big sign, “Recalculating”.  Sigh “Once again I’m recalculating”.  Sigh “Again, Recalculating”.  

I know that I will eventually reach my goals, but am I taking the long route, or the shortest route using the highways?

So what does this mean for you?  In order to reach your goals, you must have a clear and specific vision.  But to reach your goals, you must also have movement towards that goal.  Do the roadblocks stop you?  Or are you willing to take an alternative route?  Are you in the fast lane or taking the scenic route?

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For local clients, our Germantown office is convenient to Gaithersburg, Rockville, Frederick, Potomac, Baltimore, and all surrounding areas of Maryland.  Also convenient to Northern Virginia and Washington, DC.

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