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Hypnosis Self Help - Natural State of Happiness

What do you want?  What do you really want?  Most of us want to be happy.  But how do we get it?  We seem to naturally look for the instant fix with drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, food, material goods, they seem to give us an instant solution.  We’ve been taught that happiness is in things, a measure of achievement.  But these all give only a short term of happiness.  When we make money, we feel great, but we want more.    We make the mistake that the occasion where we feel joy is the source of our joy.

But happiness is always inside of us, and there is an abundance of it.  When we take our list of what we want to achieve, and place happiness at the top of the list, then we are making a commitment to give it a higher value in our lives.

Steps to create a natural state of mind and emotional happiness:

1.  Know that you already have happiness.

2. Change your body response, breathe deeply and change your facial expression, place a big grin on your face.

3. Change your focus, focus on positive thought, joy and pleasure

4. Ask yourself happy questions, empowering questions.  How can I use this?  How is this important in my life?  What could I be happy about in my life?  What is working in my life?

5. Learn to be a perceiver, not a judger.  Wait and see what it means, what the other person really means.  Take time to learn and grow, give yourself a chance to change your view.

6. Soften your rules.  Most of the times we must complete 80 things to be happy and we must be perfect to feel fulfilled.  Allow 1 thing to be complete and be happy with that. Create more ways to be happy and less ways to be unhappy.

7. Develop a vocabulary that creates a positive emotion within.  Use words that feel good to you.  So when someone asks you “how are you?”, instead of responding “I’m okay”, say “I’m great”, “I’m fantastic”.  Just see how that changes you.

Create happiness as a new standard of living.  

Some of the steps come from Tony Robbins, “Power Talk”.

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