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Hypnosis Self Help - 4 Tips From Harry Potter

I am a big fan of Harry Potter and enjoy the many metaphors in the books and movies.  This is one of my favorite quotes spoken by Albus Dumbledore:”As much money and life as you could want! The two things most human beings would choose above all - the trouble is, humans do have a knack of choosing precisely those things that are worst for them.”

Recently two fellow hypnotists told me about how they have used some of the metaphors from the books to help their clients, both adults and children.  One of the four that I find incredibly helpful is the pensieve which is used by Dumbledore.  He will take his wand to his head and remove memories that he no longer needs to keep active in his mind.  How many times have you wanted to empty your mind of past memories or negative thoughts?  Imagine you have a pensieve (bowl) in front of you, bring a memory or thought you would like to let go of to the fore front of your mind.  Now take your imaginary wand to your head, swirl it, taking the thought and putting it into the bowl.

Another metaphor is used for fears.  Professor Lupin taught his students a way to get rid of boggarts, which are creatures that turns into whatever you fear the most. Ron Weasley was terribly afraid of spiders.  When Ron confronted the boggart, it turned into a spider.  Ron then took out his wand, waved it at the spider and said “Ridiculous!” As Ron did that he thought of something funny, such as the spider wearing roller skates on all of his legs, not being able to stand up or still (this is in the movie, not the book. In the book the spider loses his legs).  Then he was able to rid himself completely of the fear by saying “HA!”  One of the best ways to get rid of a fear is to laugh.

The Mirror of Erised (backward spells desire) was a mirror that shows what you desire the most.  Imagine as you look into your mirror, that you have all that you desire.

The last metaphor is about when Harry pulled the Gryffendor sword out of the Sorting Hat when he needed something special to help him with the Basilisk (the King of the Serpents).  When you are in a tough spot and you need to dig down into your hat, what will you be able to pull out? Courage, persistence, ideas, laughter.

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