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Hypnosis Self Help - Why Hypnosis Sometimes Doesn’t Work

You are probably wondering why I would write about this, a hypnotist saying “hypnosis doesn’t work”.  I would never say that, what I am saying is that hypnosis is not mind control, it is not the magic wand that instantly creates change.  Man, if it did, I would be rich, really, rich.

Hypnosis (most often induced by a hypnotherapist's verbal guidance, not a swinging pocket watch) creates a hyper-attentive and hyper-responsive mental state, in which the subject's subconscious mind is highly open to suggestion.  A client will come to me to quit smoking or lose weight (or many other habits and behaviors), and they know on a conscious level, it would improve their health and life if they created the change.  They know on a conscious level, the logical level of knowledge.  

Although subconscious mind is programmed from the conscious mind, it is superior as it is the place for emotions and imagination.  And because of the emotions and imagination, it has created beliefs that may be real or unreal.  Sometimes these beliefs are not logical, but because of the emotions implanted with them, they are stronger than the logical thoughts of the conscious mind.

So on a conscious level, the smoker knows that smoking is extremely harmful to their lives, the subconscious mind has the belief that the cigarette is their friend, or they may be a social outcast from their “break” buddies.  Or they can’t have their coffee/alcohol without a cigarette/cigar/chew.  

A person who wants to shed weight knows that the excess weight is harmful to their health and to their body.  But the subconscious mind fears starvation or if they lose weight they may attract unwanted attention.

In order for change to happen, both the conscious and the subconscious mind must be in alignment.  Both must be ready and want the change.  Hypnosis does work! Utilizing suggestions/affirmations while the subconscious mind is open during hypnosis, increases success for change.  When the conscious and subconscious mind is not in alignment, hypnosis can also assist in finding the blocks and the old beliefs that are not healthy.

One: Never stop working on your unwanted behaviors.

Two: Use positive affirmations in the morning and evening, and throughout your day.

Three:  Ask yourself, “If I lose this behavior, what will happen?”  Keep asking until you get to your illogical belief.

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