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Hypnosis Self Help-Filling Imaginary Voids

During this recession and in our culture, we are constantly encouraged to consume.  Marketing and advertising is now all about easy credit, big discounts, buy, buy, buy.  TV, Radio, and Internet are enticing us, while news is creating fear that we don’t have enough, money, security, jobs.  So to fill the void of “not enough”, we consume...food...cigarettes...alcohol... drugs... material goods we don’t need or use.  All in a need to fill the void within us.  But deep inside, we know this is not the solution.  We notice that as soon as we have eaten, drank, or bought, the joy of the moment begins to fade very quickly, only to create the craving to fill the void once again.

To end this cycle, we must first look within.  What void are we truly filling?  Loneliness, lack of confidence, a feeling of incompleteness?  Take an honest look within and journal your responses.

Do this without judgement, look at your thoughts and feelings that occur before and after our indulgences so that you can find a pattern.  Then allow your intuition to inspire you to tell you the direction you should go.  By doing this, you will find the joy remains with you longer, guiding you to places that fill your body and life with energy.