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Hypnosis Self Help - Letting Go Of The Past

In letting go of the past, there are various methods or steps that are helpful. One thing we know is that we cannot change the past, but we can learn from it.  Unfortunately, most of us lament the past, bring it up constantly as a reminder of failure, disappointment, loss, etc.  I have a script that I use with my clients, that states that we will look at our problems or the past as if we are looking at them through binoculars, blowing them up and out of proportion.  But now they can turn the binoculars around, and see the problems/past as tiny and insignificant.  I like that… Though I think it is important to look at the past for any lessons, such as if that situation came up today, how would you handle it.  Would you have the same results or would you react and take action the same way?   Once you have learned what you need to learn, then it is time to let it go.  You are done with it.  Think about a basket with lots of balloon attached, and place that past in the basket and let it float away.  With children, I will give them balloons or bubbles (love bubbles), and have them think about a problem, then blow that problem into their balloon or bubbles.  Then they let go of the balloon, and as it deflates, the problem is gone.  Or with bubbles, they blow a bubble and when it breaks, the problem is gone.  How incredible it is that children get this concept and can let go of the problems.

As far as forgiveness, such as with friendship, we will be kind and forgiving to others, but we are cruel and unforgiving to ourselves.  But like our family and friends, we can only do the best we can at any given moment with the information we have.  We have to cut ourselves a break just as you would someone else.  If you can, take a moment and look at yourself in the mirror, and say “I forgive you”.  I hope this is easy for you, but if you find hurt rising to the surface, wrap your arms around you or find something or someone that gives you comfort, and let the feelings flow.  Crying is a sign of grief and is very healing.  Let the tears flow…and know you are releasing and letting go of the past.

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