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Hypnosis Self Help - Life Pie

There are times in our lives when different areas of our lives are more important than others.  During our school years, learning takes precedence.  Later it may be raising a family or focusing on a career.  When we focus on only one area of our lives, then there is an imbalance which can create discord in relationships or an emptiness within.  Have you ever driven on a flat tire, can you hear that sound?  And if you keep driving on it, you will eventually ruin your rims.

Take a moment now and draw a circle, like a wheel or pie.  Divide it into six pieces of pie. Label each piece such as family, work, learning, exercise/health, romance/self or significant other, fun/adventure.  You may have others such as spirituality, hobbies, down time.  Now draw a line across each piece (between the divisions) at the degree to which you spend time (the outer rim indicates a lot of time spent on this area, the inner circle, not so much time.  This will show you where you are lopsided.  

It is not uncommon for your circle to be uneven.  But as you work on balancing your life, the circle will also become balanced.

List twenty things you can do over the next 3 months (or less time if you choose), that will bring balance to your life.

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