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There are times in our lives when we would rather be miserable than change what we are doing.  Change may mean effort or time or being uncomfortable with something different.  But change, when in alignment with your thoughts and beliefs, can be easy, effortless, and safe.  In other words, are you swimming upstream or in the harmony with your intent?  When everything just flows, achieving your desires is just effortless.

The first thing for you to do is to think about each of your resolutions/goals individually.  How does your body react?  Are you breathing easy or breathing fast?  Are your muscles tense or relaxed?  If you are breathing easy and your muscles are relaxed, then you are probably in alignment with that goal and you may find it easy to achieve.  But if you are breathing fast and your muscles have tensed, then there is resistance.  If this goal is truly important, then you must go within to find out why.

When doing the following exercise, stay aware of your body’s reaction.  I love to use the computer as a similarity to our mind.  If you were to think of your mind as a computer, what operating system are you using, DOS, Window, XP or Vista?  Would you prefer to stay with your old system that runs slower but you are comfortable with?  Do you consider it a risk to try the newer system which has more bells and whistles and could make your life simpler?

Next, let’s go into the system and look for the cookies.  These are the thoughts and beliefs that we have inherited from others.  Even though cookies can slow us down or prevent us from taking risks, some cookies are not bad.  So take your time to look at some of these thoughts and beliefs and decide which need to go to the trash can and which ones have created your foundation.

Now we will go into “My Documents”.  You may find files on “Relationships”, “Childhood”, “School”, “Family”, and different experiences of your life.  Explore each and if you find a document that your body gives you a response of quickened breath or tense muscles, it may need to go to the trash can.  As you look at your experiences, if you haven’t created a document on “What I have learned”, then you may want to do that.

When you have completed these steps, you then go to your trash can.  You can decide to empty the entire contents, you may delete each item one by one, or you may decide to return the cookie or document to its original file.  Again, be aware of your body’s response.

Hopefully with this exercise, you have an awareness of the resistance to the change/goal.  Is the goal now in alignment and harmony or is it a goal that just needs to be reevaluated?

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