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Hypnosis Self Help - Weight Loss Mind Tricks

You know there is no easy way to shed the excess pounds or to get fit.  The bottom line you must reduce intake and exercise.  But you can give yourself a boost by changing how you think about food, exercise and weight loss.  By changing how you think, you can also change how you act and then impact your health.

Hypnosis can play a key role in helping you to overcome the food issues, the procrastination and create the body you want now.  Awareness, consciousness, focus and concentration developed through hypnosis will help you to reach your goal.

Here are 25 tips to help you get ready for weight loss.

1.  Be patient, shedding weight in a healthy way is going to take time.   Diets tend to shed the initial pounds quickly, but the diets usually are very restrictive and hard to stay on.  Normally these initial pounds will come back just as quickly.

2.  Relax!  Stress is one of the main reasons for weight gain.  Learn self-hypnosis.

3.  Set realistic weight goals.  You’ll be happier if your goal can be reached and maintained.

4.  Create a routine that you can stick to for your exercise.  Is it possible to  exercise in the morning, afternoon or evening?

5.  Listen to your body.  It will tell you when you are full, then stop and push the plate away.  

6.  Visualize your body at your goal weight.

7.  Be honest with yourself.  Remember that the snacks during your day counts.

8.  Be accountable.  No one else is responsible for your weight loss but you.  It can be helpful to write down what you eat and when you exercise.

9.  Stop justifying your past behavior.  Accept past failures and if you can look at them honestly so you can learn.

10.  Deal with your emotions.  Stop, take a deep breath and check in with yourself about what is truly affecting you.

11.  If you want to shed weight, then make the choice to do so and take action to make it happen.

12.  Stay positive.  Staying positive will help you to feel better about yourself.

13.  Set small daily goals.

14.  Use the support of your friends

15.   Reward yourself (but not with food). A manicure, a massage, a size of clothing that you haven’t fit in a while.

16.  Tell yourself you can do it.

17.  Never stop thinking about your goal.

18.  Look at food differently.  Food isn’t your friend or your enemy – it’s only a nutrient for your body.

19.  Picture what food is doing for your body.  When you look at what you’re eating, picture how the nutrients will help you feel.

20.  Eat foods you crave, but only in small portions.

21.  Change how you think about your body.  If you think you are fat, you’ll likely stay that way.  See yourself as an attractive person at any weight.

22.  Stop looking at the numbers.  They can frustrate you or possibly give permission to return to an old pattern.

23.  Take pride in your appearance, you can look good, and feel good.  It will change how you see yourself and how others see you as well.

24.  Think about the activities you’ll do when you are at your goal weight.

25.  Picture yourself wearing something you’ve always wanted to wear.

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