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Hypnosis Self Help - Don’t Get Stuffed

Besides over doing it at meals, we also tend to overbook ourselves with what we feel needs to be done (basically, overstuffing our to-do list).  Have you ever said “I can’t wait for summer  be so I can rest/take time for myself” etc.

You have probably heard about the 4 boxes technique for decluttering, try a similar process for dealing with the holiday to-do clutter.  Make a list of all the things that need to be done during November and December.  Then put a number of importance next to each item.  1 will be the actions that absolutely have to be done, 2-4 are action items that are important, 5-6 are items that can be delegated, 7-8 are actions you want to do, but not really that important, 9-10 are actions you know you won’t do.  Now not everything is going to be in the 1-4 range, and your loved ones would probably appreciate if the items of 5-6 are short listed.  First take all 7-8 items and move them to 2-4 list, 5-6 list, or 9-10 list.  Then delete all 9-10 items from the list. Now delegate the action items on the 5-6 list.

When I am working with my clients on getting things done, I stress the use of a calendar.  If you have an appointment, you will make a notation on your calendar, whether in your phone, computer or a paper calendar.  I have found if it is on my calendar, I will keep my obligation.  So take your 1-4 tasks, and begin to add them to your calendar so that they are spread out over the two months.  Combine some if you can.  Life does happen, so sometimes you may have to move the tasks but you will also move appointments if there is a conflict.  If you can add in time for a massage, special time with family, or even time for hypnosis!!!

You will probably be surprised by the end of the summer that you actually accomplished so much more this way and still feel less stressed.  

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