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Hypnosis Self Help - Reinventing Yourself

When my son went to college, I told him this was a good time to reinvent yourself, he didn’t need to be that boy who had been the shortest kid in school, who had worn glasses and braces.  Now was the time to be whoever he wanted to be.  As we mature, we have other opportunities to re-create who we are, such as when starting a new job, moving to a new neighborhood or town.  But I was thinking, why wait, why not do it now?

“There is a fountain of youth: it is my mind, my talents, the creativity I bring to my life and the lives of people I love.  As I learn to tap this source, I am truly defeating age.”  Sophia Loren

So the first thing to do is purchase a journal, it can be a formal journal or just a notebook.  

The second thing is to take a couple weeks and answer the following questions in your journal:

1.  What do I want in my life?  Now and in the future?

2.  What part of myself do I want to carry forward?

3.  What part of myself do I want to shift?

4.  What thoughts do I want to be central in my thinking?

5.  What activities do I want to engage in?

6.  How am I already who I want to be?

And any other questions that may come to mind.

The third thing is to “patiently” practice your new thoughts.  The most important aspect to reinventing ourselves is our thoughts.  What we think creates our emotions and our emotions create actions.  All from the choice of thought.  Thoughts are habits so old ones that do not serve us may be more natural, comfortable and automatic than the new ones that mirror our higher beliefs.  At first the practice of new thinking may seem awkward and contrived.  They are not thoughts that ignore reality, but they are thoughts that remind us frequently of our strengths, blessings, and endearing distinctions.

As you awaken in the morning, choose one thought that exalts who you have already been, one that acknowledges your humor, generosity, cleverness...whatever quality you have that you value.  Acknowledge it daily for a least 15 seconds.  Feel it in your body, imagine it.

Now choose a new thought you would like to incorporate.  Now imagine it, feel it, create a full-body belief in them.  What decisions would you make believing this? How will it affect you during your day?  Write about it in your journal.  If you find pictures or quotes that express this thought, cut them out, print them out and place in your journal.  Sound out this thought during your day, it will become more automatic.  Soon there will be less a need to call upon it consciously.  It will be part of your reinvented self.

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