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Hypnosis Self Help Confidence and Self-Esteem

Are we born with good confidence and self-esteem?  Don’t know!  But I do know what happens after we are born, our childhood.  Whether we come through childhood with confidence or a lack of self-esteem, all depends on our childhood experiences.  

The exercise for today is to make a list of all your wonderful attributes.  If you don’t know them, then ask your best friends what they feel are your best qualities.  If your best friends were to make a list of why they like you, what would the list consist of?  I also find if you were to make a list of the best qualities of your closest friends, then that list will also be about you.  Like attracts like.  Normally, what we like in others are attributes that we have or would like to have.

The second exercise is to wear the descriptions like you wear your name.  Think of a name badge that says “My name is …..” but instead of your name, put an attribute/quality there.  My name is Creative.  My name is Loving Mother/Father/Daughter/Son.  My name is Trustworthy Friend.  My name is Teacher/Healer/Writer.  Get the idea?  This is not about ego, but about owning who you truly are and wearing it proudly.

The third exercise is after you have spent a couple days wearing who you are, write down how it feels.  At first you may be a little uncomfortable, but after a while you will actually allow yourself to believe it and accept it as who you are.

Please share your experience and let me know how you feel.

“The Spirit within me loves to hear about the truth of itself.”  Unknown

“The world is a great mirror.  It reflects back to you what you are.  If you are loving, if you are friendly, if you are helpful, the world will prove loving and friendly, and helpful to you.  The world is what you are.”  Thomas Dreier

“We are what we repeatedly do.”  Aristotle