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Hypnosis Self Help-Are You Problem or Solution Focused?

Recently I was reminded that I feel better and more up-beat when I stay focused on solutions rather than problems. One day after a conversation with a friend who constantly complains about her life and how tough it was to pay her bills, I noticed that I felt exhausted and depressed for the remainder of the day.  When I thought about it, I realized that this also influenced my conversations with others, I became the complainer.  I was just as toxic as my friend.  I know these are challenging times and it’s heartbreaking to listen to those that are facing tough times.

But, it’s important to remember that focusing on the problem, over and over again, just contributes to the energy going in that direction, towards the problem.  Sometimes I will ask my clients not to think of the “pink elephant”.  But of course that “pink elephant” will come to mind.  But I would say again, “but don’t think of that “pink elephant”.  Isn’t that what we do when we have a problem?  Continuously think about the problem (money, food, addictive products, loneliness, lack of confidence, what we don’t have).

There is a technique that I teach my clients which I call “Switch words”, or “Thought Stoppers”.  Come up with a word that will remind you to change your mind from the problem to thinking of solutions or more positive thoughts.  I use words such as “compassion”, “success”, and “peace”.  When I use one of these words I can then change my thoughts into a more productive mode.


When you focus on the solutions

1. Think better thoughts

2. Increase our level of personal power

3. Generate smart ideas

4. Begin to see good everywhere

5. Feel hopeful and empowered

6. Become a positive influence to others

7. Open ourselves up to wisdom and insight so that we become part of the solution