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Hypnosis Self Help-Why We Swim Upstream

Like most people, I have experienced  my share of challenges in this life.  I have struggled physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and financially.  In 2007, I faced cancer, deciding whether to fight, take chemo, or just give up.  But I renewed my strength and belief in my faith and in myself and moved easily through the treatment.  Recently, I thought the cancer had come back, and wondered whether I was willing to fight again.  Luckily, my news was good, and happily I can say “I am cancer free”.

I must admit that at times I was very weary of the challenges, but each time I took the time to look at what was I learning from these challenges.  Why do I continue to come through each incident a better person with deeper insight into who I really am?  I feel stronger than ever, and yet challenges arise again and again.  When asked how I have remained positive, I say it is because of my faith, I believe in me, I meditate and pray, I give thanks everyday for who I am and what I have in this life.

Here is a metaphor for some of us:

Salmon swim upstream to reach peaceful waters.  Year after year, they face peril and exhaustion during their journey. Over and over and over again these brave Salmon swim upstream, driven by some unseen force deep within.  With each passing year, the Salmon grow stronger and wiser .  They experience more, learn more and adapt.  Eventually, they reach their destination to leave their tiny Salmon egg, to create new life.

We swim upstream to remember that nothing is impossible.  The journey continues.