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Hypnosis Self Help -Just a little tweaking

By now you have probably read many emails, newsletters or blogs about goal setting and making resolutions.  And we know how those usually go after a week, or month, most goals and resolutions have been left behind.  But what if you fully accepted that major changes does not need to be made, only slight changes or what I call tweaking.  You are unique, maybe not perfect, but perfect can be impossible but also boring.

What if you chose one small change this month such as getting up a little earlier in the morning so you could exercise. According to a trainer I know, she suggested that 10 minutes of cardio in the morning and 10 minutes of cardio in the evening keeps the metabolism going.  Or how about taking the stairs at work or parking further out and taking a brisk walk.  If you are consistent, then it will become a habit.

How about next month, you begin to place a small amount of money in a savings account.  If you are consistent, just think about what the amount will be at the end of the year.

Then at the next season, how about being mindful of the company you keep.  Make connections with positive people who are also unique, can be fun and uplifting.

Instead of making a full page of changes that you feel you need to make which can be overwhelming and depressing, just be gentle with yourself.  Make little changes each month, each one building upon the other until you have created a life you desire.

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