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Hypnosis Self Help - What if…

On Sunday without electricity and my normal computer activities, my mind went to the “What if’s”, what if I had been better prepared to be without electricity?  Then, what if I had not said … to ...!  Often when we are unhappy or bored, we may begin to thinking that “if only” our life would be different.  It is true, your life would probably be different.  We make many decisions or even don’t make any decision, and that event changes the direction of our lives.  I like the visualization of coming to an intersection in our life where a decision must be made.  One decision will lead you down one path and the other decision will create a different life.  “Would my life had been better if I had gone down the other path?”

It can only help to take some time to explore what is really going on at a deeper level, the being unhappy with your current situation, being dissatisfied about something else. As you explore within, can you see a pattern of decisions, perhaps a running away pattern when things get difficult or hard. Take the time to wonder why this keeps happening and how you can work through a difficulty and the steps to move in a positive way, rather than escaping.  A lot of the time, external changes don’t make us happy.  Things, material objects, food, drink, drugs are not long term solutions.  The unhappiness, dissatisfaction will still be there!

Begin to address what you really want at a deeper level and create a state of happiness within yourself.

If love this saying, “It’s your life, why would you want to be a passenger?” Phillip D. McGraw, Ph.D.

This video is heartfelt: http://www.dogwork.com/relp8/  Elephants reunited after 20 years


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