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For more information and to schedule an appointment, call 301-540-6225 or email laura@hypnosismaryland.com

Laura West, MCH, CI, ST     Germantown, Md. 20874     301-540-6225

For local clients, our Germantown office is convenient to Gaithersburg, Rockville, Frederick, Potomac, Baltimore, and all surrounding areas of Maryland.  Also convenient to Northern Virginia and Washington, DC.

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Hypnosis Self Help - Wisdom and Completion Lists

When making your to-dolists, give yourself also time to make two more lists.  One is a Wisdom List.  This will contain various wisdoms that you will follow this month.  Such as:

1.  I will smile at people I pass.

2. I will not rush through my day.

3. I will only spend monies I have and be reasonable in all my spending.

4. I will find time to spend with family and friends and give thanks for them in my life.

5. I will feed my body reasonable amounts knowing it utilizes the food for energy.

6. I will move my body daily.

7. I will enjoy the outdoors.

8. I will find marvels in life every day.

Have you ever completed a task and then moved on to your next task without giving yourself congratulations for your accomplishment?  Before you move on to the new year, take time to write out all the things you completed or accomplished in the month or year, even the smallest of tasks.  Once you have completed your list, sit quietly and hug yourself or pat yourself on your shoulder and say “well done!”.